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Working with a HomeHunt Agent

Eliminate Potential Problems: Buying or selling a home without an agent leaves room for issues. An agent can make the process efficient and stress‑free.

Connecting Home Buyers and Home Sellers with the Right Agent

At HomeHunt, we put the needs of our clients first! We’re knowledgeable in both home selling and home buying, and know what it takes to make the experience a pleasant one. Sellers can feel confident that their home will be ready to hit the market with the help of one of our listing agents. Buyers can enjoy the simplicity of home shopping with the help of one of our buyer’s agents. We believe that you are the top priority in your home hunt journey.

Why Work with a HomeHunt Agent?

Real estate agents represent their clients throughout the entire home buying and selling process. Agents understand current market conditions, including what buyers are looking for and what it takes to sell a home efficiently. They also have an extensive referral network of professionals that you’ll need to communicate with, such as mortgage brokers and appraisers. At HomeHunt, we pair you with one of our top real estate agents to kickstart your home selling or buying journey.
A HomeHunt Agent will:
Negotiate the listing or buying price of the property.
Schedule necessary appointments on your behalf.
Contact additional parties, such as appraisers.
Explain contracts and their conditions.
Act within your best interests as their client.
Work closely with your mortgage provider.

How Can an Agent Help Buyers?

A buyer’s agent at HomeHunt will notify you of available homes in the area within your set budget and goals. An agent will consider homes sold within your desired neighborhood to make sure you’re getting the most for your investment!

How Can an Agent Help Sellers?

A listing agent at HomeHunt will work to get you the best selling price for your home! They’ll offer proper market analysis, recommend any home improvements, and use the best promotional tools to sell your home quickly.

How Do I Find the Right Agent?

Hiring an agent who has experience in your neighborhood will help the home buying and selling process go more efficiently. The more experience an agent has, the better they’ll handle problems and negotiate with buyers and sellers. An experienced agent will help you contact other real estate professionals you’ll need to close on a new home or the one you’re selling.
All agents work differently and communicate with their clients in different ways. Be sure to ask a potential agent how they choose to communicate with their clients. You are the client and need to rule out what kind of communication you’re uncomfortable with and how often you want to receive updates. Whether you text, call, or email each other, it’s best to understand preferences before working with an agent.
You will be working closely with your real estate agent and need to know how successful they were with past clients. When you meet your agent, ask for a list of references to ensure they’ll meet your needs and are an excellent agent to work with. If they cannot or will not provide you with a list of references or referrals, be wary of hiring them.
Yes! This purchase is more than a financial transaction; it’s a big decision, and you need to open up to your agent about your wants and needs so they can help you find your dream home. Tell your real estate agent about everything you’re looking for, including your price range, ideal location, future goals, and anything else that will help your agent get to know you better.
Different agents handle different types of real estate transactions. The right agent for sellers will be proactive and technologically savvy to market your home professionally and efficiently. Social media experience is helpful to ensure that your home is being marketed on various platforms and to a broader audience. When searching for an agent, ask if they work specifically with sellers or buyers, or both. Focus on agents who work specifically with sellers because they’ll know the best ways to sell a house.
You’ll want to work with a buyer’s agent who has a good track record for closing deals. Great buyer’s agents will hunt down homes that are not on the market yet and get to know you to ensure that they find your dream home. They’ll contact homeowners in your desired neighborhood and try to make deals with owners who may be thinking about selling. You should trust your agent and communicate with them often to help the buying process go as smoothly as possible. Before hiring an agent, be blunt and ask if they’ll have enough time to help you. If they’re hesitant or won’t answer the question, find a different agent who can give you the time you need to find your dream home.

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