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Buy a Home the Right Way: Home buyers can make cash‑like offers with the right financing. Get a professional pre‑approval and start your home hunt.

Helping Home Buyers Find the Right Lender for the Right Financing

Having the right lender is the most important part of buying a home. Your lender should help you find the right mortgage for your budget. That’s why at HomeHunt, we only work with the top mortgage lenders in your area. By having the right financing up-front, home buyers have the freedom to make the best offers on new homes and be more attractive to sellers. HomeHunt makes it easy by providing the right real estate professionals every step of the way to help get you into your next home.

Why Work with a HomeHunt Lender?

At HomeHunt, we have lenders ready to help you start the home transaction process. We put the needs of our clients first. Our professional lenders are knowledgeable in the home purchase process and will be with you every step of the way. Buyers can rest assured that their home transaction will be simplified and stress-free with a HomeHunt lender. We strive to make sure you are a top priority in your home journey. HomeHunt is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding your dream home quickly and efficiently.
A HomeHunt lender will:
Educate you on the home buying process.
Work with you to find the right mortgage for your budget.
Get you fully-approved before shopping for a home.
Work closely with your real estate agent for a seamless experience.
Review and answer any questions about your loan documents.
Celebrate the purchase of your home.

How Can a Mortgage Lender Help Buyers?

Unless you’re a cash buyer, a mortgage lender is the most important person on your home purchase team. The lender is the entity that loans out money for a mortgage. Our goal is to help buyers get the right financing for their new home.

How Can a Mortgage Professional Help Sellers?

Most home sellers are also home buyers. If you’re selling a home and need financing for a new home, working with a lender who understands the ins and outs of the home selling and buying transaction is key.

Working with a Lender

A mortgage lender is a financial institution that offers and underwrites home loans. Lenders will establish critical aspects of your mortgage, such as the terms and interest rate. A direct mortgage lender makes the final decision for your home loan and serves as your primary contact when closing on a home.
A mortgage lender is your primary connection to other parties throughout the lending process. They will communicate with your real estate team to ensure you close on time. Additionally, lenders often have available resources to help streamline the loan process.
A mortgage lender will determine how much house you can afford by reviewing your income and credit. This review will determine your potential monthly payments, as well as the ideal down payment for a home within your budget.
A mortgage lender will help you determine which home loan best fits your financial needs. Common types of loans include conventional fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, FHA, and VA mortgages. Based on your financial credentials, a mortgage lender can help you decide which loan to choose.
Interest rates can heavily impact a home loan and are important to review with your mortgage lender. These rates are determined by the home loan, and are further influenced by your credit score and down payment. Speak to your mortgage lender about how interest rates will impact your loan and how to receive the best available rate.
When choosing a mortgage lender, be sure to ask questions and interview at least three candidates before deciding. This person will determine the home loan you’ll have to endure for a good portion of your life. Ask family, friends, and your real estate team for referrals. You want to make sure this professional understands your needs and puts your best interests first throughout the entire home transaction.

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