Preparing to Relocate Out of State

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Preparing to Relocate Out of State

Posted by HomeHunt on September 13, 2021

Relocate to Your New Home Without Any Stress

Moving out of state may seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning, the process can be stress-free. Our team of real estate professionals at HomeHunt put together a checklist to help you relocate out of state as easily as possible.

Create a Checklist to Help You Relocate

  • Visit Your New State/City – Before you move to a different state, it is always smart to make at least one trip to your new city. This trip will help you get a feel for your new neighborhood and surroundings. Talk to locals about hot spots and hangout locations. Also, make note of where grocery stores are located and where the nearest hospital is in case of emergencies.
  • Find a Place to Live – Ideally, you will want to find a place to live before you move. Choose a location that is safe and budget-friendly in your ideal location. To make this process easier, hire a realtor to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.
  • Schools – If you have children or plan on starting a family, make sure you research the school systems in your new city and determine which school systems are associated with your neighborhood.
  • Budget Wisely – Moving from one state to another is not cheap. Create a budget plan for all moving-related costs and decide on how much money you are willing to spend on moving expenses. If you are moving for a job, check to see if your employer has a moving budget to cover some of your expenses.
  • Research Moving Companies – It is smart to hire professional movers when moving across the state. This will save you both time and energy, and make the moving process easier. When researching moving companies, read customer reviews and ratings before deciding on a specific company.
  • Order Moving Supplies – you will need boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap when packing up your items before a move. Order these in advance so you can start packing ahead of time.
  • Choose a Moving Date – There is a lot to consider before you choose a date to move. Keep in consideration your moving company’s availability, your work schedule, and your family’s availability. Avoid moving on holidays as this will greatly increase the cost of your move.
  • Transfer Your Utilities – Before you officially move into your new house, contact your utility companies to let them know you are moving. This includes cable, internet, water, gas, and electricity.
  • Forward Your Mail – As soon as you know your new address and move-in date, contact USPS and begin forwarding your mail.
Thinking about moving to a new state? Contact HomeHunt today to find a realtor in your desired neighborhood! Our real estate professionals will ensure that you find a perfect home and that your moving process goes smoothly. 

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