How to Find a Local Real Estate Agent When Relocating

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How to Find a Local Real Estate Agent When Relocating

Posted by HomeHunt on September 13, 2021

Make Finding a Local Real Estate Agent Easy and Stress-Free

Moving to a new location is never easy, especially if you are relocating to a completely new area. It is wise to ask a local real estate agent in your current area if they know any agents in the area where you are moving. This can help your new home search and make your move fast and efficient. HomeHunt created a list of tips on how to find a local agent when relocating to a new area.

Look for a Reputable Real Estate Agent

People move to unfamiliar locations for a variety of reasons. You want to hire an agent who is knowledgeable of the new area and is reputable in their services. Talk to a local agent in your current location and find reviews and a list of services the new agent offers. Other helpful factors an agent should have include:

  • Communication: This is very important, especially when you and your agent are not close in proximity. You want to know that you’re getting the correct information and updates on available home listings as soon as they hit the market.
  • Good Personality: If you click with an agent, your initial instinct will be to work with that person. An agent with a standoffish personality or one who does not put your needs first does not deserve your business.
  • Experience: An agent who knows what they’re doing and has previously worked with out-of-state home buyers will be the best option.

Search for a Real Estate Agent in the New Area

Out-of-state buyers are often at a disadvantage for not knowing the area. Even though your new agent will perform most of the work for you, it helps to conduct your own research too. This includes the ins and outs of the neighborhood you are considering. Take a look at the school system, the crime rate, and how far the commute will be from work. This will help you determine if the neighborhood is a good fit.

Visit the Area Before You Move

It always helps to meet up with your new agent and area before the big move. This helps you get a feel for the area and if the agent you will be working with is fully committed to your needs. If you want to scope out your new town, but don’t have an agent yet, it also helps to attend open houses. Real estate agents sometimes attend these events seeking potential buyers.

Find Agents that Work Well Together

If your current agent recommends an agent in another state, this is beneficial because they will most likely work well together. However, if you need help finding an agent in your new area, make sure both your current listing agent and your new buyer’s agent work well together. These two parties will need to communicate often to make sure the house sale and your new home purchase coincide on time. The following is a list of events for a successful home sale/home buying transaction:

  • The buyer’s existing home closes
  • Funds are wired to the closer handling the buyer’s purchase
  • The buyer’s lender funds the home purchase
  • The buyer closes on the new home

Not sure where to start in your new home search when relocating? HomeHunt can pair you with a local agent, no matter where you are moving to. Contact us today to get started!

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